Wine as Dada… or Dada as wine…

11 Jun

… or, drink it if you will, or pour it on your head, in your pockets, and gargle with it if you will. Or drink it with foods that make no sense and is a revolting match. This concept could also apply to beer and cocktails but I think as far as anti-art goes, wine seems a more apropos marketable item for desecration, specifically with a culture least likely to not take itself so seriously, identifying itself as art and with all things art and thus by default, setting its many-times pretentious self up for the application.

I’ve would have never thought of applying Dadaism to wine culture until recently. I, like many in this biz have been perfectly happy letting wine do its thing as long as its thing was allowed to go merrily about being done… and without being accosted. Enter label branding and Costco.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Costco. I love going there for a whole day and not buying anything. I love pretending to be an employee, restacking the messy jean pile with the inhuman sizes on top and helping folks get the right palette of printer cartridges. I love checkout line antics, entering and exiting the wrong doors while flashing my passport, and watching the widescreen TV’s on leather lounges with a Polish and pop in hand. Costco is love.

But the stress to market and sell the maximum amount of everything has gotten a little beyond ridiculous. And since ridiculous can beget ridiculous… enter Dada. Enter Wine Dada. Enter the Dada Apothecary and Wine Shoppe where anti-wine is poured for the disillusionment of the masses.

…or not.

Side note… there appears to be an actual Dada brand of wine. This latest blurb is by no means associated with that brand as far as its promotion or degradation. It somewhat confuses me. Anti-Dada anti-brand Dada?


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One response to “Wine as Dada… or Dada as wine…

  1. Ray S. Hart, Hastings, Mi.

    June 28, 2011 at 9:56 pm

    I am looking for a bottle of Dubonnet, a sweet, wine-based apertif. If you carry this and have it in stock, please let me know, and also the ballpark price. Thank you.
    Ray S. Hart
    Hastings, Mi,


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